500 Starlounge Video News


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500 Starlounge Video News

With two daily video news dedicated to the world of Celebrities, OneVision and Starlounge celebrate the fabulous milestone of 500 videos.
Fri, 12/19/2014 - 11:21

500 video news produced to guarantee the ultimate entertainment to Yahoo fans.


And, just for chance, the 500th video news celebrates the enviable silhouette of a beautiful 50 years-old showgirl: Pamela Prati.


Our adventure among the stars took off with Starlounge, the Italian provider for Yahoo Star System videos and galleries, which chose us to churn out appetizing clips about fashion, gossip, and the best from the show biz.


Moreover, we also produce for Starlounge original formats like Lost, the search for lost stars, and Hot or Not, the report card for fashion in Hollywood.


500 is just the first milestone in our stellar rise!



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